Counselling and Coaching

The ‘one-on-one’ (so to speak – I do work with couples and occasionally groups!) portion of my work is built on a fundamental respect for one’s autonomy in their own lives and expertise in personal experience. I trust my clients to set the focus and pacing for our time together; however, I will gently point out when we have wandered away from why you reached out to me.

My practice:

  • Is client-centred
  • Welcoming to Queer, Kinky, or Non-Monogamous folks as well as anyone curious about these things
  • Recognizes that sometimes it’s about more than the individual – we live within a set of systems and cultures that significantly impact how the world treats us.

Counselling or Coaching?

As a sexuality counsellor I work with you to unpack and explore topics that you’re ready to talk about, but might not be sure how to talk about them. In my work, I use conversation, exploratory questioning, and reflection to facilitate a process of personal acceptance, increased self-knowledge and an understanding of what resources you have available.

As a sexuality coach, I work with you to focus in on specific goals you want to achieve in the near future (3 months to a year). You bring the personally relevant goals, and together we create a plan to help you meet them. My role is to provide reflection, active listening, accountability, sober second thought, reframing, and cheerleading the courageous steps you’re taking in building a sexual and relationship landscape you love.

Underlying both of these is my roles is my work as a sexuality educator. My deep understanding of sexual practices such as kink, BDSM, fetishism, solo polyamory and non-monogamy allows me to offer insights and information into worlds many aren’t familiar with and approach these topics without shame or judgement. Think of it as having a sex educator in your back pocket; I’ve got some expertise, but you know how that knowledge best fits into your life and unique situation. Together, we tackle what’s stopping you from having the sexual sphere you really, really want.

Truthfully? You don’t have to pick between the two. Often folks have a preference for style or are reaching out to me with a particular goal that influences which path our work together takes, but that information most often makes itself known through time. No matter what style we work in, the goals, direction, and pacing are set by you. Consent aside, my role is not to tell you how things must be.

To be clear, this is not a replacement for therapy, but it may be a lovely compliment the work you are doing with your therapist.

Packages and Pricing

À La Carte

Pay as you go, or prebook and use at your convenience.  Individuals, couples and small groups welcome.  Sessions available in blocks of one to two hours.


Monthly Packages

Packages tailor-made to your schedule, pace and goals include a combination of focused sessions, full sessions and e-mail support.


Rapid-Fire Q &A

Personalized Education-focused sessions available in 20 and 40-minute blocks.  Online or phone only.



If you’re interested in working directly with me, please be in touch and let’s chat about what that can look like.  Sessions are available online, or in person in Toronto, Ontario.