Sexuality Professional, Relational Therapist (RP), Absolute Nerd.

Heather, a white femme with pale skin and long red hair is wearing a blue top on a back blackground

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Welcome to the online home of Heather Elizabeth!

Let’s start with a confession:  Heather isn’t a fan of web pages.  The idea of taking all of the various strands of their work and weaving them into something that may or may not be what folks want gives her a tight feeling in her chest.  Maybe for someone else it would be like creating a beautiful personal quilt — but honestly?  She was never great at fabric arts either.

What Heather is good at is sexuality education, personal development, and responsible, humane citizenship.  Her blend of smarts, humour, and openness creates space to learn and explore that can push at the edges of comfort without leaves others feeling overwhelmed or hopeless.  The form that this work varies a lot depending on what environment Heather’s in – you can find out more about that further down this page.

If you’re willing to forgive her primitive ways and want to learn about how Heather came to be doing this work,  you can do that here.


Professional Trainings & Personal Workshops

Heather has spoken for university classrooms, student organizations, community groups and professional organizations.  Focusing on topics of sexuality, she offers a range of professional training aimed at those working in related fields as well as workshops that focus on personal desire. Contact Heather for a list of offerings, or to discuss developing a presentation to fit your needs.

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Sexuality Counselling
& Coaching

Navigating opening relationships, overcoming sexual shame, connecting to desire, or integrating a new aspect of your erotic landscape into your life?  Since 2013 Heather has offered support, information, and accountability while you set the pace and route of your own journey.

Kink, ethical non-monogamy friendly and queer welcoming.

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Curious about what Heather has to say about sexuality?

From playing guest ‘expert’ for newspapers and radio talk shows to personal profiles for Tumblrs and podcasts Heather has run the gamut of media.

Check out her range of appearances, and you might even find some answers to your own questions.

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Delightfully nerdy practical workshops for a professional or personal setting, support, education, information, patient form audits, sexuality counselling and coaching, media interviews, private events, and school sex weeks – Heather does a lot.  Click below and let’s start talking about how they can work with you.

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Be Social!

Heather might not love web pages, but she does like social media!  In fact, it’s the easiest way to find out what she’ll be up to next.   Twitter for thoughts (and pictures of randomness).  Facebook for writings, useful found articles and inspirational quotes.  Youtube for video’s on sexuality, connection and authenticity.