About Heather

Professionally Speaking

My experience comes from a mixture of life, formal and informal education.Heather sits sideways behind a while chair, laughing. The background is pink with red and gold hearts.

I trace my sex educator origins back to my undergraduate days.  I teamed up with a local nurse practitioner to run ‘hot and spicy’ sexual health discussions out of my residence apartment.  She handled the medical questions while I tackled things like finding a quiet vibrator (necessary in close quarters with thin walls), navigating sexy time when you share a bedroom, or keeping a long distance relationship alive while your partner is at school 3 provinces over.

I grew my content development and presentation skills within the sexuality conference circuit.  Noted for my open, approachable and information-rich sessions, participants often report learning more than the expected, or expressed appreciation for presenting a familiar topic in a new light.  These lively, engaging presentations focus on fundamental skills such as communication, interpersonal negotiation,  expressing care, self-exploration, and accountability.  Often these workshops are directed towards folks participating in consensually non-normative relationships, which is to say they practice kink, BDSM or ethical non-monogamy.

In 2013 I opened my private practice offering sexuality counselling and coaching to individuals, couples and groups as branching into running my own workshops.  The process has been continuing since then.  


Formal Education:

Fundamentals of Counselling Skills (George Brown College)

Hons Bachelor of Arts – Contemporary Studies (Wilfrid Laurier University)

Master of Education – Social Justice Education & Sexual Diversity Studies (University of Toronto)

For a detailed look at my experience teaching, publications, and conference presentations I invite you to contact me for a copy of my CV. 


On a More Personal Note:

Heather Sitting on a rock in the forrest working on a laptop. They are wearing an orange dress, and light brown cowboy boots Sexuality has been a place of great healing for me.  It’s been instrumental in undoing the shame left by dogmatic religion, restoring a healthy relationship to my body, and giving me a safe space to tap into my sense of personal power.  Dating became a testing ground for exploring and strengthening what it looked like to set boundaries that served myself above all others -a place where I could explore what it looked like to put myself first.  Sex helped me develop a sense of balanced entitlement – where my needs and wants came to count as much as any other persons.  Figuring out how to give myself permission, learning the tools, and discovering how to get on my own side allowed me to tap into a deep sense of personal power that soon radiated out into the rest of my life.  Because of this I fundamentally believe our sexuality offers us something that few other things in life can: deep, personal, creative,  power.

That said, I do not see my job as to pass power onto you.  If you’ve been following me for a while you may have noticed I dropped the ‘empowerment’ from my “job title” and that’s because I’m not offering empowerment.  What I offer is tools, support and insight informed by my experiences.  I see myself as a resource and guide who walks alongside you on your journey.  If you want someone to hand you a pre-fabricated sex life, I’m not your guy.  But, if you’re ready to dig into yourself and bring forth what is already inside you so that you can step into the pleasure, desire, and personal power you were born to have, we should be chatting.