Sexuality agitator, educator and empowerment coach




Workshops & Speaking

Heather has spoken in university classrooms, student organizations, community groups and at professional conferences focusing on topics of sexuality, consent co-creation, emotional resilience and more.  To learn more about what Heather can offer your group, contact her.


Kink & BDSM

Educational Dungeons, workshops, instruction, discussion groups, peer support, munches and community groups – there aren’t too many areas of Kink,  BDSM, and Fetishism that Heather hasn’t had some involvement in.


To visit her kink focused website filled with topical writings and her workshop offerings, visit Kinkopedia


Sexuality Counselling and Coaching

Since 2013 Heather has worked privately with individuals and partners who know they need to make a change in their sexuality.  Navigation opening relationships, overcoming sexual shame, connecting to desire, or integrating a new aspect of your erotic landscape into you life – Heather offers support, information, and accountability while you set the pace and route of your own journey.

Queer-friendly, polya and kink positive, and sex neutral.  You can find more info about this area of her work  here .


Contact Heather

Professional trainings, delightfully nerdy practical workshops, support, education, information,  sexuality counselling and coaching, media interviews, private events, and school sex weeks – Heather does a lot.  Get in touch and let’s start talking about how they can work with you.

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The best way to see more of what I do is to follow me.  Twitter for thoughts (and pictures of randomness).  Facebook for my writings, great articles I’ve found and inspiration quotes.  Youtube for video’s on sexuality, connection and authenticity.